Amy Haisten

Welcome to my beauty and nails blog, where artistry and self-care intersect. I’m Amy, a graphic designer in the newspaper industry and a health care management student working toward a career change to enter the medical field. Join me on this exciting path as we explore the world of beauty and nails, offering practical tips and inspiration for busy, low-maintenance women and those new to beauty and makeup.

Many women feel like they need more time for self-care. Whether you are a college student, juggling multiple jobs, or navigating a demanding schedule, I’m here to empower you to embrace beauty and self-care and effortlessly incorporate it into your life.

As an artist and graphic designer, I love color and view makeup as a medium for painting the face. I aim to make beauty an enjoyable experience, unlocking the joy of self-expression while seamlessly fitting into your busy lifestyle.

Discover practical beauty tips, explore the world of nails, and find inspiration to enhance your natural beauty. Let’s prioritize self-care, even amidst the chaos, and celebrate the beauty within each of us. Thank you for joining me. I’m thrilled to share insights, trends, and budget-friendly options.